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Zur deutschen Fassung

On the eve of the first of August, they entered a church in Moghegno, a village near the city of Locarno in south Switzerland, where the Swiss Psalm was standing ready in the hymnal. The group went through the wooden door, saw a baptismal font on the left and a confessional on the right. Apart from them, there was no one else present. This disconcerted them. They sat down in the front row and beheld the figure of surrender and self-sacrifice nailed to the cross.


They, who had a home everywhere but not here, not in this land. Yet, they had been here for a long time. “Let us roam through the entire country tomorrow,” one of the group members said. All nodded and followed suit as suggested. Wherever they went, they saw the square red and white flag of the jubilated one fluttering from flagpoles and balconies, adorning collars and rocky walls. Every time they saw it, they exclaimed, “You're welcome!” In the evening, fires and rockets blazed across the land. Then, the national day celebration came to an end once more.

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